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Kinda Petty is a Central Iowa based cover band spreading the love of Tom Petty music!!
We are a band with options depending on your venue's needs. We want everyone in attendance entertained!
- 2 hour show:  Petty music only
- 3 hour show:  75% Petty plus like genre covers
- 4 hour. show: 50% Petty plus like genre covers

Our seasoned band members have years of experience playing live music in other bands at various venues throughout Iowa.

Don't miss the opportunity to share an evening with us and spread the love of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and live music in general!!

Stay Petty Ya'll!!

Band Members 

- Steve Hansen: Lead vocals, Guitar

- Tracie Gregson: Lead vocals

- Tim Roberts: Drums

- Holly Madison: Keys, Harmonica

- Brad Campbell: Bass, vocals

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